The Studio

I opened the doors to my studio in June 2013 for yoga classes. It was the first studio of its kind in Whitehaven. My idea was to create a quiet healing space where students come to relax and recharge their batteries. Classes range from complete beginners to advanced levels of practice.

The Centre holds max 12 students. My idea was to keep groups small and intimate so I could get to know the students on a personal level, taking care of their physical, mental & emotional needs. Each class in tailored to the needs of that particular group of students.

To find the right class for you please feel free to call me for an informal chat 0791 2689 797

Student feedback:

“This is a really professional environment. I was impressed as soon as I walked in the door, health checks, all necessary equipment provided, lovely clean soothing practice room and an instructor who took the time to get to know you. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who has an interest in taking a yoga class.” Rennie Nicholson

“A great place to unwind and bring mind and body together. I came for Yoga, but the Mindfullness is a bonus and keeps me attending. The lightening / music & comfort all add to a fantastic experience and Julie is a fantastic instructor.” Cindy Holten

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