At the West Coast Yoga Centre we offer a number of different classes; Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, specialist back care classes, Mindfulness classes, Kundilini and our stronger Dynamic classes. We pride ourselves with a hands on approach and observe our students practice throughout the class for maximum benefits. To find the right class for you please contact Julie for a informal chat -07912689797

Yoga means ‘To Yoke’ to unite to be whole. Yoga is a body science which has been fine tuned over thousands of years to help us cope with the every day stresses life can bring.
Yoga works on the mental, physical & emotional body. The origins of yoga can be traced back to India approximately 5,000 or more years ago. Yoga is suitable for all levels of fitness and is particularly useful for maintaining and preventing deterioration of the physical body. Yoga and Mindfulness is also widely used as a form of stress management.

To find yoga classes in Cumbria visit the timetable page for more information.

Student Comments:

“ Thank you for the class you took on Monday night 6:30-8 pm. It was possibly the best class I have taken part in. I loved the mix of yoga and meditation. Brilliant. I cannot recommend the studio enough xx Jo Huddart 

“Last night I attended the 6-8pm class with Neil. It was amazing. A fabulous class at a slower pace but really deep stretches and an amazing relaxation session at the end. Hooked. Line and sinker”

Yoga Cumbria